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Virgin Experience Days Website UI Enhancements

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Constant improvement was something we pushed for with the redesign of the Virgin Experience Days site.

Featured below are a few examples of UI and Usibility enhancements I've designed for the Virgin Experience Days website.

Refine Filter Desktop

'Refine By' Filter

The initial refine by filter had a lot of options, users were finding it overwhelming and confusing, so I tackled simplifying it, whilst retaining the options some users may still want.

This was achieved by using a cleaner design with a more structured style, but also by adding some new features. Prior locations and pricing was done via manual category based links, but opening it up to the user inputting what exactly they're wanting to look for makes much more sense.

By pulling out the key features: sub categories, location, price, and rating; it makes it easy to navigate. The other features, some of which were there for other reasons that helping the user navigate, were then hidden under an "all filters" tab at the top.

Refine Filter Desktop

This cleaner design continued onto mobile, whilst making some other improvements. On the initial designs, we had the filter keeping part of the screen visible to the right, helping the user know where abouts on the website they were, but this was causing other issues. As some of our category titles are quite wordy, it made sense to make better use of the full width of the device. Taking the same approach as on desktop using the top / all filters tabs at the top.

We also introduced a quicker way to access this key feature, by having a floating CTA at the bottom of listing pages, helping customers easier refine to what they're looking for.

Map View

Location is a key feature to the users of the Virgin Experience Days site, we've seen that echoed on any poll or survey we've done. So to help with this, we introduced a new map view.

The concept is actually quite simple, replacing the map pins with the price, which when clicked show a product card, giving the user the name, some images of the product, and the rating.

Refine Filter Desktop

One issue with having the price as map pins (or really map pins in general) is that we sell multiple experiences at single locations, so we added an option showing "x many experiences also at this location" incase the customer wants to explore further.

With everything we do, we make sure we're delivering the best experience on Mobile as well as desktop, so the mobile design was fully optimized for this; making full use of the viewport available, it makes it really quick and easy to explore experiences near a location.

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