Client: Virgin Experience Days

Christmas Advert 2016

  • 3D Design
  • animation
  • Video Editing

What memories will you create this Christmas?

The idea behind this campaign was that experiences live on as memories, where normal Christmas gifts come and go without any recollection.

For this project I did all the creative, from 3D modelling, to animation, through to final editing.

Character Sketches

Working with the wider team, I gather ideas of possible stories. I then take these ideas away, and start thinking about story concepts. These go through the various revisions until we feel like we’ve nailed it. Then I’ll pull it together into an animatic to help with timings.

Character Sketches

We used lots of data to help us decide the characters for the story, basing it around our target demographic.

I'm a big Pixar fan so used their art style as a reference for how I wanted the characters and style to look. Keeping their eyes nice and big, gives them a friendly feel.

Character Sketches

There was alot of other models needing created for this project, from trophies, to each individual cake on the cake stand. Because of this, I had to find ways to be more efficient with the project, using the same assets in multiple places and faking backgrounds with stills.

To keep the stills feeling alive, I've faked some motion into the backgrounds, with things like the fireplace, and fairy lights, by using a careful adjustments in After Effects.

My personal favourite model was the race car model. I was really happy with how it turned out!

It's always helpful to have some reference to animate too, arms can be tricky things to think about! So I roped in one of our copywriters to help out with acting out some shots. This gave vital reference to animate to.

I also pulled together this "behind the scenes" video to show a bit more detail about what went into this project. You can watch it below.

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